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Mr Woah is a professional MusicianThe Blessed Lone Wolf.

On January 24th the embodiment of greatness known as Mr. Woah was born in Jamaica. At the age of 2 he moved to the United States of American and settled in the Washington D.C. area. Being raised in this great city gave him a life experience like no other. Representing the Uptown northwest area of the city, he has been making music for 7 years. He started out making beats and producing tracks for local D.C. artist when his older brother presented him with the opportunity to get on a track. Although he was reluctant, he decided to do it and from there a musical dynamo was born. He has been featured on 13 different mixtapes, the most notable being hosted by Iggy Azalea. One of his songs was the very first song to be placed on the mixtape and gained over 1,969,359 plays. He is considered a musician in its purest form and has a unique sound and quality like no other. His musical versatility differentiates him from every other rapper in the game and his star power is undeniable. His genres include Hip-hop, R&B, Pop and Rock making him an artist with a wide range of talent and sound.


My Favourite Quotes

“Listen to my music and hear what greatness is and watch as the world observe in oooo’s and aaaa’s GREATNESS “~ Mr.Woah Da Great


“But I must explain to you the truth, its the master-builder of human happiness by the charms of pleasures of the moment, so blinded by desire, that they cannot foresee the future”~ Mr.Woah Da Great

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